About the College

About the College ...


The College of Physical Education is the first college established as a department of the Faculty of Education of Diyala University in 1996, then in 1998 it became an independent college under the title of the Faculty of Physical Education, where it graduated many undergraduate students.



1. The theoretical sciences branch

2. Branch of individual games

3. Branch of team games

In 1999, evening studies were opened. Our faculty opened a graduate department in 2001 where 90 students were graduated. The college accepts students for undergrad studies from both high school branches students, scientific and literary graduates for both sexes, at least 65% for males, (60%) for females.




Objectives of the College

College Vision

Develop a clear strategy to reach the prestigious place among the colleges at the national, Arab, regional and international levels, especially in the fields of preparing the scientific cadres with different competencies, which will play a pivotal role in the process of community development and through the scientific response to its problems.


College Message

The College undertakes to continuously improve the quality of educational performance in the science of physical education by adopting the best results of modern technology in learning and teaching to achieve excellence in the preparation of students and conduct scientific research and development of vocabulary and update them through global trends and subject to the assessment in accordance with international standards.


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