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The symbolic significance of the logo for Physical Education / University of Diyala



The new logo of the Physical Education was adopted after obtaining official approvals for changing the old logo to the new logo of the college. Eight models were presented at the meeting of the College Council for the purpose of selecting one. The new logo was chosen as the official logo of the College of Physical Education. It is inspired by the features of Diyala province and also symbolizes science, knowledge, and sport. The English term "College of Physical Education" was not changed to College of Sport Education as a reference to the basic entry into physical education in Iraq and then changed to Physical Education The new logo figurative means Blue part: refers to the Diyala River.

The green part shows the movement of sports.

Orange circle: refers to the orange fruit, which is famous for the province of Diyala.  

Some of these parts consist of a person with a mathematical movement

1998: History of the establishment of the Physical Education

In addition, the logo contains the name of the Sports Education and the name of the University of Diyala in Arabic and English





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